Isshin-ryu Karate and Kobudo

Biographies of Instructors

Brian Memoli:
Sensei (Major) Brian Memoli is a career logistics officer for the United States Army and has studied a variety of styles since he first began in the martial arts 1983. He started in Isshin Ryu in 1990 at the University of Florida and it quickly became his chosen style. Due to his military career Sensei Brian has had the opportunity to study with many different skilled Isshin-ryu instructors from across the country to include Master Arsenio J. Advincula, Sensei Don Storie, Sensei David “Skipper” Knight, Sensei Mike Hutley and Sensei Ron Foster. Sensei Brian continues to train with and learn from his current Sensei, Master Chris Worrell at the Academy of Okinawan Martial Arts in Tuscaloosa AL several times a week while also instructing at Marion Military Institute and Siloam Baptist Church in Marion AL.

Sensei Brian Memoli is has been married for 10 years to his wife Tabble and they have two children Garrett age 5 and Grant Age 2. His education includes a B.S. in Business Management for Saint Leo University, a Masters in Logistics Management from the Florida Institute of Technology, and he holds the credentials as a Certified Professional Logistician.

Sensei Brian’s military duties recently had him deployed for the war on terrorism to Africa in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, but we are pleased he has now returned to his position at Marion Military Institute as an ROTC instructor.

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