Isshin-ryu Karate and Kobudo

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Why Isshin-Ryu?

Isshin-ryu's main goal is to perfect oneself through physical and mental development.  As students learn they acquire self-confidence, serenity, and humility.  Isshinryu has many advantages over other styles such as:

1. Isshinryu stresses "close-in" techniques that are more practical on the street versus the high-flying, flashy kicks of other styles for example.

2. Isshinryu techniques are grew from natural stances and movements, limiting wasted motion, maintaining stability and giving you split-second advantages over other styles;

3. Isshinryu uses a "snap style" that permits you to move quickly, deliver more punches or kicks, and lead naturally into other techniques.  For example, the straight punch has no corkscrew common in other styles.  Approximately five Isshinryu punches can be thrown in the time used for one corkscrew punch. The punch also ends in and can be thrown from a middle block.

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Quick list of why Isshin-Ryu is more practical than other styles:

Isshin-ryu Karate...
  • uses a direct, non-twisting, punch
  • uses traditionally low kicks
  • uses close, natural, stances
  • balances the use of hands and feet for offensive and defensive weapons
  • promotes a strong body and physical conditioning
  • promotes self-defense awareness and understanding
  • helps to develop emotional stability and helps to reduce stress
  • helps to promote flexibility, coordination and confidence

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